Chevrolet already has prices for Onix RS and Onix Plus Midnight


A Chevrolet presented the new Onix RS and the unprecedented Onix Plus Midnight last Wednesday (9/23). While the hatch showed a more sporty look, the sedan brought more refinement with the new option. However, although the automaker explored in detail what made the duo a special choice, it owed the values ​​for the news.

While prices of Onix RS and Onix Plus Midnight do not yet appear on the brand’s website, the company’s dealer network has already had access to the values ​​table for the models. Such information indicates that the new Onix RS will cost R $ 75,990, while the price of the Onix Plus Midnight will be R $ 81,390.

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The new Chevrolet Onix RS, then, would cost more than the current LTZ version. However, the sports appeal version owes some equipment, such as fog lights, face switch, reverse camera and automatic headlight switching in relation to the cheaper configuration. Among the exclusive elements of the RS version are the black painted tie, the honeycomb front grille, the red painted RS emblem and an aerodynamic appendix kit that includes front spoiler, rear wing and side skirt.

Chevrolet Onix Plus Midnight 2021
Image: Disclosure

Treated more like a series, the Midnight version of Onix Plus is largely based on the Premier configuration of the sedan. Its value is R $ 600 higher than the current more expensive version and owes items such as the wireless cell phone charger and USB sockets for the rear seat. Among the exclusives, the Midnight version adds the Chevrolet exterior logos painted in black, an exclusive honeycomb front grille with a glossy black finish, headlights with black mask and a series of black painted parts on the body. Wheels, friezes and the Onix logo bring such a finish. Inside, the seats receive an exclusive “Jet Black” color finish.

Both the Onix RS hatch and the Onix Plus Midnight sedan always bring the same mechanical set. It is formed by the 1.0 turbo flex of three cylinders of the other versions, without alterations. It delivers up to 116 horsepower and 16.8 kgfm of torque when fueled with ethanol. The brand reiterates that the Onix hatch already has a specific arrangement for suspension and steering more geared to sportsmanship.

Chevrolet Onix 2021
Chevrolet Onix RS 2021
Image: Disclosure


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