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We will not judge you if you do not know Realme – such a Chinese company is quite young, having emerged as a division of OPPO in 2010 and gaining autonomy only in 2018, when it finally started to operate in the market with more strength. And, after launching itself in the smartphone segment and declaring war on Xiaomi, the brand now seeks to position itself as a pioneer in the television segment by announcing SLED technology.

Made in partnership with scientist John Rooyams of Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) Technology, the SLED display stands out for using the RGB range to create the white backlight to illuminate the panel, while most LED televisions (including QLED) use a blue backlight for that initial lighting. According to Realme, this symbolizes a reproduction capacity of 108% of the RGB spectrum, against 70% of normal LED TVs.

Image: Reproduction / Realme

Furthermore, because it does not work with a blue base, the SLED screen would be less harmful to human eyes – we already know that such a shade of light is commonly associated with eye fatigue and even sleep disorders, which is why many people apply orange filters on the screen of the smartphone or even notebook.

It is worth noting that, as interesting as it may be, Realme’s novelty is not yet a product itself – the concept is being worked on a 55-inch TV set with 4K resolution, but nothing has been said about when such a model will reach the market and neither will the suggested price. Therefore, it is possible that it will take a while before the idea reaches the shelves.

Source: realme

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