Cid Moreira remembers live yawning, says he was very flirted and says of the woman: ‘It’s very kissable’


Cid Moreira often dreams that he is late to present Jornal Nacional. In another recurring nightmare, the text with the news you read live disappears. The memories of the 27 years in which he was in charge of the country’s biggest news program – a mark that made him enter the record book – remain alive in the memory of the journalist and announcer, who turns 93 on Tuesday (“I don’t like to party”) , it will tell you soon).

Cid Moreira is the subject of a documentary: journalist repeated the greeting “Good night” eight thousand times in the Jornal Nacional Photo: Fatima Sampaio

On the same date, “Boa noite” premieres, a documentary about him, directed by Clarice Saliby. Produced by TV Zero, the film will be shown at 9 pm, at the festival É Tudo Verdade, and can be watched for free on the event page ( In the feature, Cid, who narrated from the arrival of the man on the Moon until the fall of the Berlin wall, reports his own trajectory. At 17, the boy who dreamed of becoming a bank employee or accountant became a radio announcer. ners, he carried suitcases at the train station, sold fruits and vegetables and was a football player at a tennis club.

In an interview with GLOBO, he recalls unusual situations in front of the JN stand (“I already yawned and scared the fly, but there was a colleague who swallowed it”), he said he was very flirted (“I was not, I still am”), he says soften her “austere image” by playing an influencer on Instagram (“it’s a way to let go”) and reveals that her 20-year marriage to Fatima Sampaio is still excited (“she is very kissable! Sex is a very good joke and we keep playing “).

Read the full interview here.


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