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UNCERTAIN FUTURE: Marti Cifuentes at Sandefjord training this winter. Photo: Thomas Andreassen

SANDEFJORD (VG) Sandefjord coach Martí Cifuentes (38) has no idea if he will get a new contract. If the Spanish coach gets “no”, more may be on the way out – such as playmaker Rufo (27).

Now Sandefjord owner and leader of the AS board Gunnar Bjønness explains that the Cifuentes team can be too expensive for the club.

– It is up to the club whether they want to talk to me or not, answers Cifuentes, who is on an outgoing contract.

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The Sandefjord coach says he takes the situation calmly, that he wants to stay, but that it depends on several things – where the most important thing is that the club wants him. The 38-year-old has not heard a beep.

– Have delivered

Gunnar Bjønness says that the corona situation makes the economy confusing.

– That is why we want to have options for as long as possible, he says.

– But you must have a coach?

– Yes, and it’s a cost issue. We have to consider the whole apparatus, and this is just as much about finances. I do not want to run a deficit, he says – and adds that “experts like to say that we are stupid”.

For Martí Cifuentes has delivered with the Elite Series’ lowest budget, which was even cut from 40 to 35 million kroner after the promotion last year.

– We have the smallest budget, and we were judged north and down by “he Swede” in the Eurosport studio. The sports apparatus has delivered better than expected, says Bjønness, and points out that this is his personal opinion.

“The Swede” is Joacim Jonsson – who is known for his power ointments:

He naturally has a lot he should have said in the coaching question, and he was central when Cifuentes was brought to the club.

Cifuentes has filled in with Spaniards in the sports apparatus, such as Jordi Gonzalez as physical trainer and Javier Ortiz as goalkeeping trainer.

– It’s about the whole package around Cifuentes. It is in the cards that they must continue if Martí continues. He will definitely bring the right people with him, says Bjønness about the financial challenge.

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The future of Cifuentes may also determine the fate of playmaker Rufo, who is also on an outgoing contract.

– Martí is of course important. He brought me here, and it is an important factor for me that he stays, says Rufo, who points out that there are several things that affect his future.

– It is not the case that it is one hundred percent certain that I will leave if Martí leaves, he says.

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