City governed by PT gives show to fight coronavirus and becomes a report in France


The French newspaper Libération published an extensive report on fighting the coronavirus in the city of Araraquara, 280 km from São Paulo. Governed by Edinho Silva (PT), the city put in place a mass testing policy to quickly isolate and treat infected people edit

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247 – The city of Araraquara goes completely against the failure that is the fight {the covid in Brazil, one of the countries most devastated by the disease. Governed by Edinho Silva, from PT, the city mass-tested and controlled the pandemic in surprising ways by Brazilian standards.

The report from the Uol portal highlights the story in the French newspaper: “’Despite Bolsonaro’s policy’, said the publication, Araraquara has an average of 9,000 PCR tests (used to detect the new coronavirus) per 100,000 inhabitants, four times more than the Brazilian average. ”

According to Uol, “the publication also highlighted that Brazil is the third country with the most contaminated with the new coronavirus in the world, with more than 4.7 million infected, and the second with more deaths due to the disease, with more than 140 thousand. According to data from the Municipality of Araraquara released yesterday, the city has 4,200 confirmed cases of the covid-19 and 46 deaths from the disease. ”


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