“City hall competence”, says Doria on agglomerations in the capital


The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), said today that the responsibility for inspecting agglomerations on the streets of the capital lies with the city hall, and not with the state administration.

“I am no longer the mayor of São Paulo, I am now governor. But the competence belongs to the city hall. Not only Bruno Bruno, but also the other 644 mayors of the state of São Paulo. It is a municipal competence,” said Doria, after being questioned, in press conference, about the lack of inspectors in the agglomeration registered at the weekend in Rua Peixoto Gomide, near Paulista Avenue.

According to the governor, the Military Police can only intervene if called by the municipal authorities. “The city halls have to actually inspect situations like this to prevent them from happening. And by demanding the Military Police, they will know how to act to prevent situations of agglomeration from recurring again,” he added.

Doria also mentioned that it is necessary to raise the population’s awareness to avoid agglomerations and risk situations during the pandemic.

“Then you need an individual conscience. Each person must be aware that the agglomeration puts their lives at risk, that of family members, friends and other people. It is not understandable that someone wants to be closer to death than to life” , he stated.

Clusters in political campaigns

Regarding the political campaigns, which yesterday started activities on the streets, with reports of many agglomerations around candidates, Doria stated that “a political campaign during the pandemic must behave differently” and went on to say that the inspection of these activities in the city ​​falls to the City Hall.

“I have to remember that it is not a good example for candidates to promote agglomerations. I understand that marches, caravans, in addition to the use of digital media and the electoral hours themselves are the appropriate form during the pandemic,” said the governor.


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