Coelho says he thought of using 3-5-2 at Corinthians and admits he wants to fix his defense


Coach Dyego Coelho answered on Monday night some questions from fans on video released by Corinthians. The subjects were varied, dealing with themes on the field, such as the fit of the midfielder Cazares in the alvinegra team, to the various variants outside the four lines.

The point that drew the most attention was the admission that he thought of 3-5-2 as an alternative to give more security to the team, but the lack of a second reserve for the defender and the slow attack prevent the change at the moment. According to him, the priority is to fix the Corinthian defense.

THE My Timon separated the answers:


“I thought, because when we came back from the pandemic, at the base I was playing with three defenders. In the under-20s we are playing like this. Here we have the capacity to do this, but we have to have the protection of those who will stay in the I’ve already thought about it, but we need to be sure who’s going to stay as an option. Free Fagner, Piton, have that breadth, but there needs to be strength in the middle and the players in front need to be faster. Jô and Luan are more technical “At the base we play with faster athletes up front, we need characteristics up front to do that”.

Hit the defense

“It’s what we’ve been doing for two weeks now. I think that’s it. It’s a strong defensive job, looking for what we had the best in other years. It’s a little messy, playing videos, players need to activate their brains for a defensive mind so we can start taking care of the offensive part. There is no mystery. First you have to fix the defensive part and then fix the offensive part “.

Change in play style

“We want Corinthians to win, no matter if it is attacking or defending. For ten years there have been some situations here, a more defensive game, with some spectacular coaches, like Mano, Tite and Carille. And this has to continue. For if a team wins, the defensive part has to be good. With the squad we have, the defensive part stands out a little, but nothing prevents us from moving forward. The first attempt didn’t work out very well, but we are trying to make it happen, together with courage, determination, race and heart, be our strength “.


“A good player always has to play together. Luan, Jô, Cazares, Vital, Otero, Léo, they are players that we have to break our heads to put these guys in the best position together on the field. And that is what we will do.”

“The same conversation I had with Cazares I will have now: for him to play, he will have to play ball. And he knows how to play ball. He said he was going to do that and that’s what I expect from him. of this team and he has to take advantage of his chances, competing, together with the others. He takes the lead because he has great quality, we hope to find the place where he earns the most on the field “

Bruno Mendez

“I already thought about it, there are the pros and cons, we have the day-to-day life inside. We have to understand that we have Avelar today as a defender, he is no longer on the side. There is Piton from the base, there is my confidence, and Bruno is a great player, he has already adapted very well. It is really a matter of choice, there are three high-level defenders who can start today or tomorrow “

Are lectures thought?

“I’m not one to keep programming a lot about what I’m going to say to the players. We have an organization of the opposing team and ours, nothing too long, but the question of motivation comes out right there, in the conversation with players. things we feel there for being in the club for a long time, focused on what the Corinthians see, what the Corinthians want. Sometimes nothing comes out and I just say that they need to play for us. “.

Higher pressure as a player or coach?

“There has been pressure here since the age of 2. As a player there is pressure, a coach too, but I have been here since the age of 10, so it makes it easier to deal with some situations. If you want to be in the biggest club in the country you have to have the balls for it “.

Conversations with the cast

“What I pass on to them is that if they don’t enjoy what they are living at Corinthians, they will regret it. That is a fact. If you don’t do it on the field, you will not enjoy what Corinthians is, you will regret it . There are situations that they need to understand and they need to learn as quickly as possible. It is very good to be in a club like Corinthians, to have a crowd like Corinthians “.

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