Coelho says that Cazares starts at the front for a spot and that coach “cannot own the club”


Great reinforcement of Corinthians for the follow-up of the season, Cazares is free to defend Timão and live the expectation of the debut. At the interim command of the team, Dyego Coelho stated that the Ecuadorian is ahead in the fight for title, but will have to show on the field.

“The same conversation I had with Cazares I will talk about now. When he gets here he will have to play ball, and we know he plays ball. He will have his space here demonstrating on the field, what he said he was going to do. do and what I expect from him “, he said in an interview published in CorinthiansTV, with questions sent by fans.

“He is a differentiated player, has qualities above the average, is able to be the absolute starter of the team, so just take advantage of his chances. He takes the lead because he really has a quality above and we hope to put him in a position where he earns more and bring joy, not only for the fans, but for us inside “, he added.

Coelho was also asked about the possibility of setting up a midfield trio with Otero, Luan and Cazares, and did not rule out the possibility.

“A good player always has to play together. Luan, Jô, Cazares, Vital, Otero, Léo (Natel) are players that we have a lot of importance up front. We have to break our heads to put these guys in the best position within that’s what we’re going to try to do “, he said.

Command style

For the second consecutive year taking over the Corinthians team, Coelho shared how he sees his role as commander and how he expects to be seen by the group of players.

“We cannot treat players the same way. That’s what we try to pass on, give attention to everyone. Being a commander is not being the owner of the club, you need to trust the people around you and the players need to trust these people”, said.

“Corinthians is bigger than everyone, so the way to command is with a lot of partnership, dedication, truth, treating the players with respect, the staff being respected. If everyone likes the captain, the club has a better situation of victory. They believe in me, I believe in them and that is what I try to pass on to them “, he concluded.

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