Community agent who worked in a health clinic in BH dies victim of Covid-19, says union | Minas Gerais


According to the Union of Servants and Public Employees of Belo Horizonte (Sindibel) the community health agent, Márcia Aparecida Aquino de Oliveira, 57, died of Covid-19, this Sunday afternoon (27).

Union reported that it it was the first community worker die from coronavirus in Belo Horizonte. Márcia worked at the Dom Joaquim health center, which is located in the Northeast of the capital.

The server was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital da Unimed since September 23.

According to colleagues, the victim was very dear and active in the place where he worked and was also a member of the local Health Commission. She leaves three children.

According to the latest epidemiological bulletin from the Belo Horizonte City Hall, published last Friday (25), 84 agents community health workers tested positive for Covid-19. It is the second category of professionals working on the front line in the fight against coronavirus that most registers confirmation of the disease, behind only nursing technicians.

The Municipal Health Department of Belo Horizonte issued a note lamenting the death of the community agent: “The Municipal Health Secretariat, on behalf of the Municipal Health Secretary, Jackson Machado Pinto, expresses the deepest feeling of regret at the death of Márcia Aparecida Aquino de Oliveira, Community Health Agent (ACS) Dom Joaquim Health Center, in the Northeast region. Your efforts and dedication will always be remembered by all your friends and colleagues.

G1 asked the city hall about the reason for Marcia’s death, but did not get a return until the closing of this report.


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