Company can assemble houses in 24 hours with 3D printing


The American company Mighty Buildings, which operates in California, is gaining prominence in the civil construction market with a bold business model: selling 3D printed houses that are ready in 24 hours. The procedure is possible thanks to the use of a special material and prefabricated parts.

Instead of trying to deliver an entire house printed in 3D in just one day, the company relies on an approach that uses parts manufactured in advance. While other companies carry out construction directly at the place of final delivery, part of Mighty Buildings’ work is done in a factory.

In addition to using pieces made in advance, Mighty Buildings also manufactures its products with a special synthetic material. The “synthetic stone” present in the company’s components reacts to ultraviolet light and hardens almost instantly, which helps to speed up the design of the house.

According to Mighty Buildings, the construction method uses 95% less labor and can be carried out twice as fast as a conventional construction. The company’s solution is also 100% sustainable and ecological.

Now available for purchase

The company is already selling 3D-printed houses in California with prices starting at $ 115,000. The company offers six residence models with an area of ​​32 m².

The company’s current focus is currently on California audiencesFonte:  MIghty Buildings

The options offered in the firm’s catalog range from small studios to three-bedroom residences. According to one of the founders of Mighty Buildings, Sam Ruben, the company’s target audience are people who intend to add an extra building on the land, which can be used to provide rental income or just a space reserved for the family.

Recently, California legislation for the construction of secondary residential units (ADUs) was amended and now attachments up to 69 square meters are tax exempt. With its fast delivery model, Mighty Buildings intends to take advantage of the change to leverage its business.


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