Condemned to death educator who poisoned 25 children


An educator was sentenced to death in China, after poisoning 25 children with sodium nitrate, one of whom eventually died.

The case occurred in March last year, but the sentence was known on Monday, according to the news agency France-Presse (AFP).

The woman wanted to take revenge on a co-worker, with whom she argued, by placing sodium nitrate, used, for example, in the manufacture of fertilizers, in the students’ food.

The children, who were from the colleague’s office, were poisoned at breakfast porridge. Shortly after, they started to vomit and pass out. One boy became seriously ill, eventually dying in January this year.

According to the court, the educator knew that sodium nitrate was dangerous and therefore acted, “regardless of the consequences”.

Her behavior was extremely serious, in particularly serious circumstances, and as such, she must be severely punished “, defended the court.

The court also determined that the educator and the director of the day care center will have to compensate the children’s families in monetary terms.

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