Construction material price varies up to 179% in Grande BH – Economy


Those who need to purchase construction materials need to do research and ask professionals for guidance (photo: Luiz Ribeiro / EM / DA Press)

Who is building or renovating in Belo Horizonte and in the metropolitan area, you should pay attention and do a lot of research if you don’t want to extrapolate your budget. Prices of material of build in Grande BH they vary up to 179% from one establishment to another. The data are from the research site Mercado Mineiro.

The survey was carried out between 20 and 25 September at 45 establishments in the region. According to the Mining Market, economist Feliciano Abreu, during the pandemic, people began to consume more building materials. At home, they had the opportunity to carry out everything from minor repairs to renovations and larger works. But he points out that this same dedication has to be applied when researching prices and planning expenses. “People want convenience, they think it is better to buy in the same store. a very big risk. The differences are huge, ”he points out.

Among the products surveyed by Mercado Mineiro is the 50mm PVC sewer pipe, which can cost from R $ 18.90 to R $ 52.90, a difference of 179%. The 20mm PVC water pipe ranges from R $ 7.90 to R $ 20, a difference of 153%. Mortar ac1, 20 kilos, can cost from R $ 4.99 to R $ 10.50, a variation of 110%. The cubic meter of fine or coarse washed sand can be found at R $ 74 and up to R $ 139.95, 89% difference.

There is also a wide variation in prices for white cement of one kilogram, from R $ 2.59 to R $ 5, a difference of 93%. Zero gravel can cost R $ 70 or R $ 140, a 100% difference between one establishment and another. The common brick mill can cost from R $ 390 to R $ 750, a variation of 92%. The first-line 18-liter Latex PVA paint can cost from R $ 173 to R $ 298, a variation of 72%.

The Minas Gerais Market also compared the average price of products this month with September of last year. According to the survey, the 50 kg Champion CPIII40 cement rose from R $ 17 to R $ 21.40, an increase of 25.88%. The 75 gram Tigre PVC glue rose from R $ 6.13 to R $ 6.53, an increase of 6.50%. The 29x19x09 white pierced brick miller went from R $ 637.27 last year to R $ 685 now in September, an increase of 7.50%.

Faced with the increases, Feliciano Abreu advises. “It is good for the consumer to always listen to the master builder, the engineer, the architect and, above all, those who get their hands dirty. the bricklayer who will often tell you which material yields the best, or which brand has the best cost-benefit ”, says the economist. The complete survey is available on the Mercado Mineiro website.


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