Contradictions! Carlos Ribeiro dismissed through a very dry message, Cristina Ferreira guarantees that it was hard to be without him – Nacional


The presenter, who had been hired by Nuno Santos for ‘Somos Portugal’, learned that, after all, TVI no longer counted on you through an alleged “very dry message“sent by Cristina Ferreira. However, the new director of Entertainment and Fiction in Queluz de Baixo hinted that it was very costly to rethink the presenter:”Carlos Ribeiro doesn’t fit in the ‘Somos Portugal’ that I want to build from now on, which does not mean that I won’t have another project in which he fits“, he started by saying in ‘Você na TV’, in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha. Cristina continued:”I had to tell you, and it’s hard, because people create expectations, they create hopes“, giving the audience an impression that he had a eye-to-eye conversation with the presenter.

‘Somos Portugal’ a bet that didn’t win

But Carlos Ribeiro explains everything to the magazine ‘TV 7 Dias’. It says that the decision, with which it is “conformed”, was communicated to him by Cristina Ferreira through a “short message“.

The message was very dry, very simple, but I realized that they didn’t count on me“, he detailed.


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