Coritiba is beaten by Fluminense in Rio and pressure increases


THE Coritiba embittered yet another hard defeat in the Brasileirão. On Monday night (28), Coxa went to Rio de Janeiro to face Fluminense and was beaten 4-0, increasing the pressure suffered, since he has only three wins in 12 games in Serie A.

The team continues very close to the relegation zone, in 16th place, with the same 11 points, with a certain date to return to the sticking area. In the middle of this week, Bahia and Botafogo will face each other in a late game of the first round, and, regardless of the result, they will pull Coxa to ZR.

Another negative number from the confirmed team was the worst attack in the competition. Coritiba has only eight goals in twelve games. The lack of aim can be explained. In the squad, Alviverde went to the field with only one striker of origin: Robson. Igor Jesus was not listed, as he is being negotiated with Arab football. Neilton remains in the medical department due to an ankle injury.

Verdão’s next appointment is on Sunday (4th), against São Paulo, at Couto Pereira.

The ball rolled and the hosts showed mastery of the match. It didn’t take long for Fluminense to open the scoring. On seven minutes, after exchanging passes on the side of the area, Wellington Silva retreated to Michel Araújo, who sent an indefensible bomb that died within Wilson’s goal.

Robson had the best chance of a draw in the first half at the feet, but he wasted. At 41 minutes, the player received a cross from William Matheus. The striker passed the scorers, faced the goalkeeper and just needed to send them to the back of the net, but he used a lot of force in finishing and the ball went wide.

Nathanael ended up being expelled from the field. Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense.

In the second half, another great chance created by Robson. At 9, the attacker gave Hudson a pen and, from outside the area, sent a bomb that exploded on Muriel’s left crossbar. With no time to react, Coxa conceded the second goal. Felippe Cardoso came in, replacing Fred and, after two touches, in the 15th minute, he easily passed Sabino, crossed the ball and scored. At 26, Nino also expanded, when he received a header from Matheus Ferraz.

In the final minutes, right-back Natanael committed a penalty on his opponent and was eventually sent off. Goose went to the ball and decreed the rout.


12th round


Muriel, Igor Julião (Wisney), Nino, Matheus Ferraz and Danilo Barcelos; Hudson, Dodi and Nenê (Ganso); Wellington Silva (Fernando Pacheco), Michel Araújo (Yago Felipe) and Fred (Felippe Cardoso). Coach: Odair Hellmann.

Wilson, Natanael, Rodolfo Filemon, Sabino and William Matheus; Hugo Moura (Ramón Martinez), Matheus Sales (Matheus Galdezani), Matheus Bueno (Nathan) and Gabriel (Sarrafiore); Giovanni Augusto (Thiago Lopes) and Robson. Coach: Jorginho.

Goals: Michel Araújo, 7 of the 1st, Felippe Cardoso, 15, Nino, 26, Ganso, 41 of the 2nd (FLU)
Yellow cards: Danilo Barcelos (FLU); William Matheus (COR)
Red card: Nathanael.

Local: Nilton Santos (Rio de Janeiro-RJ)
Referee: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)
Assistants: Daniel Luis Marques (SP) and Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP)

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