Coronavirus: Brazil has lowest moving average of cases in the last 3 months


This Sunday, 27, the moving average of new cases of coronavirus reached the lowest value of the last three months. Were 26,811.4 new cases. The last time the country recorded a similar moving average of cases was on June 18, with 25,044.9, according to a VEJA survey based on data released by the Ministry of Health.

Regarding deaths, the moving average recorded was 692.3. After a sharp drop in the death curve and new diagnoses for Covid-19, Brazil is in a period of stability, but continues to fall. Comparing this Sunday’s data with that of two weeks ago, there was a reduction of 2.58% in the moving average of deaths and 2.72% in the number of new cases.

All regions of the country have a stable new cases curve, compared to the last 14 days. But most of them have a downward trend. The South region has the most accentuated rate: this Sunday, 27, the moving average was 3,994, down 14.7% compared to the last two weeks. Next is the Midwest, with a fall of 5.6% and the Northeast (-2.95%). North and Southeast showed a slight rise in the curve with an increase in the moving average of 5.19% and 4%, respectively.

The weekly moving average is calculated from the sum of the number of cases and deaths in the last seven days, divided by seven, number of days in the accounted period – which allows for a better assessment by canceling daily variations in the record and sending data by the agencies public health, a problem that occurs mainly on weekends. The final figure, compared to the past weeks and months, gives a broader sense of the increase or decrease in contagion.

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