Coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil on September 23, according to a consortium of press vehicles (8 am update) | Coronavirus


Brazil has 138,174 deaths from coronaviruses confirmed until 8 am this Wednesday (23), according to a survey by the consortium of press vehicles based on data from the state health departments.

Since the balance of 8 pm on Tuesday (22), 2 states have updated their data: GO and RR.

See the consolidated figures:

  • 138,174 confirmed deaths
  • 4,595,960 confirmed cases

On Tuesday, at 8 pm, the balance indicated: 138,159 deaths, 809 in 24 hours. As a result, the moving average of new deaths in Brazil in the last 7 days was 707 deaths, a variation of 4% compared to data recorded in 14 days.

Regarding those infected, in the balance of 20h on Tuesday there were 4,595,335 Brazilians with the new coronavirus, 35,252 confirmed on the last day. The moving average of cases was 30,148 per day, a variation of 7% in relation to cases registered in 14 days.

  • MOVING AVERAGE: see how are the cases and deaths in your state
  • PANDEMIC IN CITIES: see cases and deaths in each municipality in Brazil

Progression on September 22

Total no, 7 states reported high deaths: RJ, AM, AP, BA, MA, PE e RN. It is o highest number of states with a growth in deaths since August 22, exactly one month ago.

Breastfeeding was falling and is now registering a high number of deaths. AP, BA, MA, PE were stable and also started to show an increase in deaths.

The states of SP, GO and RO showed an increase the previous day, but returned to the stability of deaths. DF and MS were stable and are now decreasing.

  • Up (7 states): RJ, AM, AP, BA, MA, PE and RN
  • In stability, that is, the number of deaths did not fall or rise significantly (10 states): PR, RS, MG, SP, GO, MT, PA, RO, TO e PI
  • Falling (9 states + DF): SC, ES, D. F, MS, AC and BR, AL, CE and PB from the SE

This comparison takes into account the average deaths in the last 7 days until the publication of this balance sheet in relation to the average recorded two weeks ago (understand the criteria used by G1 to analyze pandemic trends).

States with deaths by Covid-19 on the rise – Photo: Arte G1

States with deaths by Covid-19 in stability – Photo: Arte G1

States with Covid-19 deaths in fall – Photo: Arte G1

  • GB: -28%
  • MG: +1%
  • RJ: +36%
  • SP: +14%
  • DF: -21%
  • GO: +15%
  • MS: -18%
  • MT: -15%
  • AC: -31%
  • AM: +36%
  • AP: + 114%
  • PA: + 14%
  • RO: -7%
  • RR: -50%
  • TO: -10%
  • AL: -19%
  • BA: +17%
  • CE: -34%
  • MA: + 18%
  • PB: -16%
  • PE: + 31%
  • PI: -6%
  • RN: +38%
  • SE: -34%

Consortium of press vehicles

Data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil were obtained after an unprecedented partnership between G1, O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL, which started to work, since June 8, in a collaborative way to gather the necessary information in the 26 states and the Federal District (know more).


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