Coronavirus: DF registers five more deaths and reaches 3,188 deaths; cases exceed 189 thousand | Federal District


The Federal District arrived, this Sunday (27), the 189,513 cases of the new coronavirus and the 3,188 deaths caused by the disease. The survey by the Health Department shows that, in the last 24 hours, 905 people tested positive for Covid-19 and five new deaths were recorded.

The Health Department considers that 178,698 people are recovered from Covid-19 in the capital – 94.3% of the total diagnosed. Therefore, 10,815 cases are considered active.

Of the total deaths, 2,926 are from residents of the Federal District. The rest, 272, are from people who lived in other units of the federation, but died in the capital. Of the victims confirmed in the last 24 hours, none died on Sunday.

See profile of the victims confirmed this Sunday:

  • 60 to 69 years: 1
  • 70 to 79 years: 2
  • 80 years and over: 2
  • Brazil: 1
  • Riacho Fundo II: 1
  • Fern: 1
  • Taguatinga: 1

* A victim lived in Goiás.

DF will receive yet another covid-19 vaccine testing program

With 23,125 cases, Ceilândia has the largest number of Covid-19 diagnoses in the Federal District. Next is Taguatinga, which adds 15,631 notifications disease, and the Plano Piloto, with 14,951 infected.

See Covid-19 incidence in DF:

Coronavirus cases by DF region, on September 27 – Photo: SES / Disclosure

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