Coronavirus: Juliana Paes reveals she lost her taste and smell


Diagnosed nine days ago with coronavirus, Juliana Paes said that the first symptoms started two days after the diagnosis. According to the actress, there were a lot of headaches, in the eyes, loss of taste and smell.

“It is very crazy because I was diagnosed nine days ago and I only felt the first mild symptoms two days after the diagnosis. This virus is very crazy because I started to feel pressure in my head, then it started to hurt the back of my eyes and I had two days of a lot of headache. And without feeling the taste and smell of anything, “she said in ‘Conversation with Bial’.

High on the small screens, Juliana recently spoke about being on the air in three different soap operas on TV Globo, ‘A Força do Querer’, ‘Laços de Família’ and ‘Totally too much’. “It’s Juliana Paes’s beating! I feel flattered. Either the projects I participated in were really cool, or I didn’t stop working. Or there is no more product where I am not! Jokes aside, I think this has to do do with a trajectory of a lot of dedication “, said the actress in an interview to Gshow.


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