Coronavirus: Minas Gerais has 7,240 deaths for Covid-19 and 290 thousand cases


Only three cities in Minas Gerais have no cases of Covid-19; 12 deaths were recorded by SES-MG between Sunday and Monday

Repeating the trend previously detected, the State Department of Health (SES-MG) again registered a low number of deaths related to the pandemic of the new coronavirus after Saturday and Sunday. Epidemiological balance published on the morning of Monday (28) indicate that 12 deaths only entered the list of accumulated deaths in the State – the number reaches higher rates between Wednesday and Thursday. With the increase, the number of deaths that occurred in Minas Gerais and that result from coronavirus infection rose to 7,240 – this amount refers to deaths registered between March and this end of September.

The lethality rate remains around 2.5% according to state statistics and the average age among confirmed deaths is 71 years, with 75% of death records also linked to previous comorbidities – the most common are heart disease, diabetes and lung diseases. Children aged between zero and 19 years are the least likely to die in Minas Gerais as a result of Covid-19, and statistics from SES-MG indicate that 23 children and adolescents in this age group died from the coronavirus. The more than 7,000 deaths occurred in 596 municipalities in Minas Gerais – which represents about 69.8% among the cities existing here.

Today, Minas Gerais is making great strides towards the 300,000 diagnoses in Covid-19. As of this Monday (28), 290,137 cases of the disease had been registered, of which 1,518 entered the SES-MG list only in the last 24 hours. According to the health agency itself, about 27,900 of these diagnoses refer to patients still recovering. The others, therefore, have already completed a period of isolation at home for more than ten days and have been without symptoms associated with infection for more than 72 hours. It is also known that 28,787 miners infected by the coronavirus needed to receive hospital medical care in public or private networks.

Covid-19 cases in Minas Gerais are spread over 850 municipalities. It means that the pandemic today affects 99.6% of the cities in Minas Gerais – municipalities such as São Thomé das Letras, in the south of the state, and Veredinha, in the upper Paranaíba, which until Friday (25) had no cases . Only three municipalities do not yet have residents infected with the coronavirus. Belo Horizonte, on the other hand, is the city with the largest number of cases of Covid-19 in all of Minas Gerais, with more than 40,300 sick residents. About 1,200 deaths occurred in the capital of Minas Gerais as a result of the disease. The number of positive diagnoses is also high in Uberlândia in the Triângulo Mineiro, there are more than 27 thousand.


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