Coronavirus: Police are triggered in England after agglomeration at funeral – 29/09/2020


Police officers were called in yesterday (28) to interrupt an agglomeration created at Denehurst Cemetery, in Rochdale, metropolitan area of ​​Manchester, England.

According to witnesses, hundreds of bereaved people attended a funeral, violating the restrictions of social distance in times of pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The photos, published on social media, show a large crowd gathered for a ceremony. Isolation rules in England allow a maximum of 30 people per funeral. In the image you can see a much larger number.

A police spokesman said the buried person’s family “was prepared to follow the rules in force”, but other relatives and several friends attended. The situation got out of hand, with the crowd taking over the parking lot and part of the space of a local football club, close to the cemetery.

Even with the police calling, the city said it was “difficult to manage” the agglomeration, since the space in question was open and public.

“This was an extremely sad loss for the family, which was prepared to follow the restrictions in force as recommended by the council; but relatives and friends continued to pay tribute,” the authorities said in a statement.

“We continue to work with the collaboration of local community groups, undertakers and the Greater Manchester Police to ensure that meetings of this nature are avoided, encouraging people to alternate visits to pay tribute,” they concluded.


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