Coronavirus vaccine could kill thousands of sharks, warn scientists |


Sharks may be victims of covid-19 vaccine manufacturing (Photo: Getty Images)

It is possible that 500,000 sharks are killed because of a natural oil they produce and can be used in vaccines against coronavirus, say scientists concerned with sustainability, who told Sky News.

One of the ingredients used in the vaccine is squalene, a natural oil produced in the liver of sharks. It is considered an element that increases the efficiency of the vaccine, creating a stronger immune response.

One of the companies that uses squalene in their vaccines is the British GlaxoSmithKline. The company said it would manufacture one billion doses of this ingredient for use in vaccines. To produce a ton of squalene, 3,000 sharks are needed.

According to Shark Allies, of California, for the entire population to receive a dose of vaccine containing squalene, 250,000 sharks need to be killed. If two doses are needed, the number will double to 500 thousand. They say it is possible to use a synthetic version of the substance, made with fermented sugar cane.


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