country night has a mouthful between Jojo Todynho and Biel


Today’s program (30) of The Farm 12 it was full of twists. In a vote marked by the accusations and clashes, Biel, Juliano Ceglia, Rodrigo Moraes and Raissa Barbosa form the third garden plot of the program.

In tonight’s vote on the program A Fazenda, a discussion between Jojo and Biel on the live program drew attention and gained the internet. Jojo went so far as to call Biel loose and ****, in a national network.

After Biel went to the stall, Jojo justified his vote in Cartolouco “You have a good heart, but you’re being a maneuver maneuver”.

According to the peoa, she would vote for Biel.

How the third farm of A Fazenda 12 was formed

Farmer Carol Narizinho indicated Rodrigão straight to the path of the farm;

MC Mirella was direct when voting for Tays Reis for the country.

Like MC Mirella, Stéfani Bays was direct when voting for Tays

Juliano voted for Raissa, who accumulated 3 votes! And took the opportunity to give Jojo that pin…

… That didn’t come cheap.

Mariano gave Luiza Ambiel the first vote and the paoa didn’t seem to like it.

Luiza Ambiel asked to speak about Mariano’s vote and the discussion took place.

Biel said he would vote for Jojo, but was surprised to give Raissa the fourth vote. In turn, the peoa was direct and chose to vote for Tays, to defend himself…

Jojo voted for Cartolouco “You have a good heart, but you’re being a maneuver.”

Mateus voted for Lidi.

And Tays returned the vote to Raissa.

Victória voted for Lidi and Lidi voted for Jojo.

Luiza Ambiel used her Red Flame Power to double vote and nominated Tays for the field, who drew with Raissa in the number of nominations!

Rodrigão voted for Mateus. Finally, Jake, who had to choose between recommending Raissa or Tays for the farm, chose Raissa.

Raissa, the most voted peoa, chose Biel to pull from the stall to the stool!

“Resta 1” dynamics: Juliano saves Mateus and Mateus saved Jojo

At the end of “Resta 1” Cartolouco ended up in Roça.

To end the night and form the garden, Lipe Ribeiro opened the Power of Green Flame and took Cartolouco da Roça… Instead, he indicated Juliano.


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