Covid-19: Brazil registers 863 deaths and 32,058 new cases in 24 hours


The daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health, released on Tuesday (29), reveals that Brazil has registered 4,777,522 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of this total, 2.9% of the cases resulted in death (142,921); 10.5% of patients are undergoing treatment (499,513); and 86.6% of Brazilians who contracted covid-19 are recovered (4,134,088).

In the last 24 hours, 863 deaths and 32,058 new confirmed cases were recorded. The cases are smaller on Sundays and Mondays due to the limitations of feeding the database by the teams of the health departments. Already on Tuesdays, the number has been higher by sending the accumulated data from the weekend.

Health officials are still investigating whether another 2,501 deaths were caused by coronavirus.

SP has better Tuesince May

In the last 24 hours, the state of São Paulo accounted for 266 deaths and 6,377 cases of the new coronavirus. As a result, the state has so far totaled 35,391 deaths and 979,519 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

At TueOn Wednesdays, due to a data dampening that occurs on weekends, the balance of cases and deaths is always higher, even breaking records. But today (29) the death toll was the lowest ever recorded for a Tuemonday from the day May 26th, when 203 deaths were registered. This was only stopped on the day September 8, which followed the long holiday of September 7, when the record was 53 deaths. But the balance of the day September 8 can Tue been harmed by the impounding of data due to the holiday. The day that the state of São Paulo registered the most deaths in a single day happened in August 13, when 455 deaths were reported.

Of the total number of diagnosed cases, 847,418 people are recovered, with 107,415 after hospitalization.

There are 9,076 patients hospitalized in suspected or confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, 3,954 of whom are in serious condition. The bed occupancy rate in intensive care units (ICU) is 44.4% across the state and 42.9% in Greater São Paulo.

Where there are more cases of covid-19 in Brazil

* Cases accumulated since the beginning of the pandemic

São Paulo = 979,519

Bahia = 308.252

Minas Gerais = 292,291

Rio de Janeiro = 263,699

Ceará = 239,497

Where there are more deaths from covid-19 in Brazil

Sao Paulo = 35,391

Rio de Janeiro = 18,388

Ceará = 8,950

Pernambuco = 8,222

Minas Gerais = 7,259

Epidemiological bulletin covid-19

Epidemiological bulletin covid-19 – Ministry of Health


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