COVID-19 cases are growing again in Brazil; see the numbers


In the fight against the new coronavirus, the transmission rate (Rt) rose this week in Brazil, returning to the levels of uncontrolled COVID-19. This is because, in the last evaluation by Imperial College London, the national rate is 1, that is, each infected patient transmits the virus to one more person and the epidemic does not recede. In addition, the study predicts an average of 5,440 deaths, due to infection, for the week.

In the last assessment, Brazil registered the lowest rate since the increase in cases of COVID-19, with an Rt of 0.90, however, the average was not maintained. Until August, for example, the country remained for 16 consecutive weeks with Rt above 1. For the researchers, indexes from 1 upwards indicate uncontrolled transmission of the coronavirus, which makes the contagion considered active in the region or country.

Brazil registers increase in cases of COVID-19, after falling (Image: Reproduction / Laura Dewilde / Unsplash)

Even though there has been an increase in the transmission rate, Brazil has improved its position compared to the 72 countries evaluated, occupying the 50th position in the contagion of the disease. Like the country, Paraguay also returned to levels of lack of control (from 0.97 to 1.11). In Latin America, Venezuela (1.09), Argentina (1.08) and Panama (1.06) are over 1.

COVID-19 no Brazil

According to the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) released this Thursday (24), there are 4,657,702 cases diagnosed for COVID-19, with the moving average of new notifications in the last seven days being 28,902. In total, there are 139,808 deaths accumulated due to infection caused by the coronavirus, and the moving average of deaths in the last seven days is 696 deaths.

Among the states, São Paulo has the highest total numbers since the arrival of the coronavirus in February. There are 958,240 COVID-19 cases and 34,677 accumulated deaths. In the ranking, the second state is Bahia with 301,248 cases and 6,455 deaths, followed by Minas Gerais, with 278,901 cases and 6,983 deaths, expanding the state of calamity until December.

Next, check the list of Conass with the situation of all states:

COVID-19 cases rise again in Brazil, according to research (Image: Disclosure / Conass)

To access the worldwide estimates of COVID-19 transmission rates, developed by Imperial College, click here. To see the detailed figures for COVID-19 among Brazilian states, click here.

Source: Correio Braziliense

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