Covid-19 cases continue to increase, especially in Lisbon


New cases of covid-19 have been rising across the country but growth continues to be higher in the Lisbon region. Over the weekend, 1,549 new cases were reported, of which 724 in Lisbon, about half.

Hospitalizations also continued to increase and yesterday there were 635 patients hospitalized with covid-19, 20 more than the day before. Although it is now less than half of what happened at the peak of the epidemic in April – when there were 1302 patients hospitalized at the same time with covid-19 in hospitals, 271 in intensive care – the pressure on health care has come increasing in recent weeks, at a time when scheduled activity is not suspended. The scenario begins to not be discarded. Yesterday there were 124 more patients hospitalized than last Sunday, when in the previous week the increase had been of 59 patients. In an interview with SOL, Alexandre Lourenço, president of the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators, considers that it will be necessary to reduce some activity, namely in Lisbon, when the approximately 500 beds currently defined for the response to covid-19 are occupied. At the end of last week, according to the situation made by Minister of Health Marta Temido, the region of Lisbon had the highest number of hospitalizations. In the North, there was an occupancy of 58% of the beds activated for covid-19 at this time in the different hospitals (256 in total) and in the Lisbon region the occupancy was 62% (there were then 553 beds reserved for covid-19 patients in Lisbon hospitals).

Ex-minister calls for expectations management Adalberto Campos Fernandes, former Minister of Health, this Sunday called for union in the face of what he sees as difficult months. “We are certainly facing three, four very difficult months, and it is in this difficulty that we have to work in unity among all, always aligning the political discourse with reality, managing people’s expectations well, not dramatizing or scaring, but also not devaluing the risks that lie ahead, ”said the former governor in statements to the Lusa agency, also calling attention to the impact on the remaining patients.

Infiologist Jaime Nina argued that the second wave of covid-19 may be worse than that registered in April. “At this moment, it is not possible to make a drastic confinement as was done in March and April, because if we do that next, we will all go hand in hand to beg for money because the country has gone bankrupt. This has brutal costs ”, stressed the doctor at Hospital Egas Moniz, also to Lusa. Jaime Nina considers that transport is one of the key points in the transmission of the disease and argues that the supply should quadruple. “Is expensive? Yeah, but isn’t having a closed economy more expensive? ”He asked, arguing that“ just a week of closed economy to try to avoid [a propagação do vírus] I paid for it all and there was still a lot of money left ”. MFR


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