Covid-19 cocktail successfully tested in Florida – News


Compound contains vitamins, zinc, corticosteroids, anticoagulants and antibiotics; obtained 95% positive results in hospitalized people

A cocktail of drugs given at a Florida hospital to patients with covid-19, which according to its creators gives a positive result in more than 95% of cases if applied at the beginning of the disease, is the target of a clinical trial with volunteers to test its effectiveness.

ICAM, like the therapy developed at the AdventHealth group’s hospital in Ocala, in midwest Florida, was called, it is made up of vitamins and zinc, corticosteroids, anticoagulants and antibiotics, according to the health entity.

The specialized website TrialSite News reported that 100 people who tested positive for the coronavirus test volunteered to be treated with ICAM outside the hospital as part of a clinical trial supported by the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Heart Health Center.

The trial was approved by the AdventHealth Council and started last Monday in Marion County, which includes Ocala, according to the portal.

ICAM was developed by the pharmacy board and a team of doctors at Ocala hospital and has been provided to people hospitalized by covid-19 for months. It has not been tested in mild cases of infection, but in people who need to be hospitalized.

“For 76 days, our patients had zero transfers to the intensive care unit, zero need for mechanical ventilators and zero deaths from treatments like ICAM or similar,” said Adventette Health director of pharmacy Ocala, Carlette Norwood-Williams.

She pointed out that research shows that with the right medication applied immediately after diagnosis, a patient infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus can have a better response, regardless of age or other conditions, and this increases their chances of survival.

In patients who receive ICAM immediately after diagnosis, the success rate is 96.4%, according to Norwood-Williams and colleagues.

The purpose of the clinical trial is to determine whether the work of the team of specialists at the Ocala hospital can be used elsewhere to try to reduce the mortality rate of covid-19.


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