COVID-19: Contagem releases free fairs, party houses and self-service – General


Traditional fair that takes place on Sundays in the Amazonas neighborhood to be able to return (photo: Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press)

As free fairs can already come back in Score, city located in Grande BH. Decree issued by the city hall last weekend allows the return of this activity as of this Monday (28), but with several restrictions.

The city did not adhere to the plan Conscious Mines, the gradual reopening of the economy. However, it follows protocols similar to those contained in the state project. For the resumption of the fairs, merchants I must keep distncia two meters between the tents, change the masks every four hours or whenever it is wet, the payment machines must be sanitized at the end of each transaction and be covered with plastic film.

The decree prohibits entertainment activities that can cause crowds, such as live music and theatrical and dance performances.

The new regulations also authorize the reopening of party houses. Owners, however, must respect the totality of the space, subject to an occupancy of four square meters per person.

In addition, the bathrooms must be cleaned every 30 minutes, the temperature of the participants must be measured at the entrance and those with a temperature above 37.5ÂșC will be prevented from entering, as well as their companions. Pregnant women, people over 60 and people with chronic diseases will also be denied access to these locations.

Live music performances are allowed, as long as the musician is separated from the audience by an acrylic shield. The tables must be at a distance of two meters and each occupant at this table cannot be less than one meter from the other person.

Self-service released

Restaurants that sell self-service food may also start operating again. In addition to the protocols described in the activities above, the use of a mask will be mandatory during the process in which people are helping themselves. The decree prevents the use of cruets, salt shakers, sugar bowls and any sauce dispensers, being necessary to exchange them for sachets.

Napkins, glasses, cutlery and plates must be disposable and the consumption of food and drinks outside the tables is prohibited. Musical performance is already allowed, as long as the artist is behind an acrylic cover.

COVID-19 in Contagem

According to the municipal epidemiological bulletin, issued on Monday (28), Contagem has 9,075 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 356 deaths. Three more deaths are under investigation. The city has had nearly 62,400 suspected cases reported.


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