Covid-19. Costa resists new containment measures


The debate is going on in Europe and in the world: will it be necessary to confine the population back home to stop the growth of the pandemic? The use, again, of the atomic bomb in economies and society is being ruled out by many countries, despite the prospect that the second wave may be more aggressive than the first. Here, too, the prime minister resists, even admitting that the new cases could be around 1,000 a day next week. For the Government, it is now time for the Directorate-General for Health to show the directives for autumn / winter, rather than policy measures. These will be taken if necessary and recommended, but this time the resistance to do so will be greater.

All because the effects on the economy and society are being devastating. “Strong”, “brutal”, “huge” were some of the adjectives used by António Costa in the communication he made yesterday, after urgently gathering the crisis office to monitor the evolution of the pandemic. That is how he described not only the worsening of the pandemic situation but also the effects that confinement had on society: “The social cost of confinement was brutal. The personal suffering of each one was enormous. The pain in the families was enormous, and we have to avoid going through it all again. We can not.”


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