Covid-19: doctors want urgent disclosure of the Autumn-Winter Strategy | Covid-19


The Order of Doctors defends the urgent disclosure of the Autumn-Winter Strategy for Health and insists on the use of a mask in open public spaces and the need to reinforce laboratory capacity for rapid diagnostic tests.

In a statement released this Monday, the president and the Crisis Office of the Order of Doctors (OM) also request an update of the standards and technical guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health in order to “ensure the best articulation and concertation of responses at the ambulatory level. and hospital ”.

OM also recommends the creation of medical response teams in readiness for complex situations, such as outbreaks in homes, and reaffirms the “imperative need for adequate human resources reinforcement in the Health Line 24, in the Public Health teams and in the National Health Service. Health (SNS) and the monitoring of health burnout and ethical suffering of health professionals ”.

These medical teams – he stresses – must be “composed of Public Health doctors, doctors with experience in covid-19 and emergency doctors, under the responsibility of the regional health administrations, in connection with the reference hospital and coordinated by INEM, in collaboration with the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC) ”.

“The intention is to guarantee organization, command, control and an efficient connection with local structures with professionals who are properly prepared and in accordance with the rules of Disaster Medicine”, he adds.

In the note, the Ordem dos Médicos appeals to the importance of national cohesion in combating the second pandemic wave that is starting on the European continent, underlining: “If absolute prevention is not possible, we must all adopt measures that maximize the prevention of the risk of transmission ”.

It also proposes the creation of “a model for regional coordination of nursing and Intensive Care Unit vacancies for patients with covid-19 and a specific transfer network with the appropriate human and technical resources”.

The OM also reiterates some of the measures it had already proposed in August, namely the use of a face mask in open public spaces “according to the local risk assessment and with the advantage of contributing to the protection of other respiratory viruses” and the screening with initial diagnostic test in the high-risk contacts of confirmed cases.

Another of the measures that the Ordem dos Médicos insists on is the elaboration of “specific legislation and Public Health norms for holding mass events with clear, uniform and coherent criteria, according to the risk assessment and the level of activity epidemic ”.


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