Covid-19: home of the municipality of Vimioso with 37 positive cases | Coronavirus


Twenty-eight users and nine employees of the Carção, Vimioso home, tested positive for covid-19 in tests performed after the disease was detected in an elderly man who died on Friday. The information was provided by the Mayor of Vimioso, Jorge Fidalgo, after a working meeting to assess the epidemiological situation in that IPSS, promoted in conjunction between the Public Health Unit (USP) of Bragança and the municipality of Vimioso, where they marked District social security, fire and civil protection officials, local authority, parish council and GNR were present.

“Of the 29 users tested, 28 ended up being positive. Of the 16 employees, including a health professional, nine also tested positive for covid-19 ”, the mayor of Trás-os-Montes realized.

The tests were carried out after, on Friday, an 85-year-old man, user of that home, died of the infection caused by the new coronavirus. The user who “tested negative” will be transferred to “his residence” and will be cared for by a home support team.

According to Jorge Fidalgo, Lar de Carção users who tested positive will remain in the facilities, where they will be cared for by a permanent team, composed of eight or nine employees who were “residing in the institution during the quarantine period, in order to deal with seniors”.

“There are physical conditions for this action to be carried out. The evolution of the epidemiological situation and the well-being of users will be constantly assessed by multidisciplinary Social Security teams that are on the alert, ”said the mayor.

USP de Bragança will maintain contact with people who tested positive for subsequent prophylactic isolation. “The epidemiological situation in Carção’s home and in the community will be evaluated by USP, over the next few days”, he stressed. The directorate of Carção’s home activated the contingency plan on Friday, after the death of the user.

Data provided by the municipality of Vimioso reveal that in the entire municipality there are 54 active cases for covid-19.


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