Covid-19. India exceeds six million cases


According to the Indian Ministry of Health, the country now has 6,074,703 confirmed cases of infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

The growth of new infections is greater than in any other part of the world, with experts expect that the second most populous country on the planet will become the most affected by the pandemic in the coming weeks, surpassing the United States, which accumulates 7,109,351 Confirmed cases.

Despite the increase in infections, India has the largest number of recovered patients in the world. More than five million people have recovered from covid-19 in India and the country’s recovery rate is 82%, according to the Ministry of Health.

In the last 24 hours, India has recorded 1,039 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 95,542.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than one million deaths and more than 33 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.


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