Covid-19: information is the best vaccine


The covid-19 has already caused close to one million deaths, the new cases of infection continue to grow at a worrying rate in countries like the USA, Brazil or India. In Europe, the situation in countries like Spain, France or the United Kingdom brings us to the scary months of March and April.

In the absence of a vaccine, which has spawned a runaway run by various laboratories and countries, information, good information, based on journalistic criteria, is the only antidote against ignorance and bad faith that fuel the most conspiracy theories. absurd.

Access to credible information is crucial to understand what is happening all over the world simultaneously, beset by a pandemic with devastating consequences in terms of health and economics, and to stop the proliferation of false news and disinformation campaigns.

That is why the PUBLIC joined the set of 150 publications that this Monday mark the World News Day. This is an opportunity to reflect on the role of the press in this current context, from which the industry does not leave unscathed, given the reduction in the number of points of sale and the number of copies sold at newsstands.

Across the world, advertising revenues have declined, some jobs have been lost and some journalists have lost their lives during news coverage of the pandemic.

However, there are other publications, such as PÚBLICO, that have been increasing their number of digital subscribers and their traffic on the internet, as a result of the readers’ more rigorous information needs. There are no demanding newspapers without demanding readers. Never before today, press freedom, ethics and journalistic independence have been so important. That is why the PUBLIC has launched media literacy projects, such as the PUBLIC at school, and information campaigns about false news.


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