COVID-19: Mayor re-elected in Romanian city 11 days after dying – International


Ion Aliman (photo: Social Networks / Reproduction)

THE Mayor of a municipality in southern Romnia died 11 days ago, victim of coronavrus, but was re-elected by a large majority in Sunday’s municipal elections.


Ion Aliman, who died on September 17 at age 57, received 1,057 of the 1,600 votes cast in the town of Deveselu, local media reported.

The residents of the municipality went to the mayor’s tomb to celebrate the victory.

A photo posted on Facebook shows dozens of people with candles in the Deveselu cemetery.

The town of Deveselu had recently entered the news due to a conflict between one of its inhabitants and the command of a United States anti-missile shield, opened in 2016.

Dumitru Bleja’s 250 sheep have inadvertently become a threat to the security of the military device because they graze near the protection fence and frequently activate warning systems.

The resident was ordered to demolish his sheep shed and take it elsewhere, but responded with a claim for damages of 18,000 euros ($ 20,980), which I ended up rejected by the courts in 2018.


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