COVID-19: Muria returns to yellow wave and changes activity rules – General


The increase in the occupancy rate of ICU beds COVID-19 was one of the criteria taken into account by the state when defining, for the micro region of Muria, the yellow wave (photo: Muria City Hall / Divulgao)

Muria, in Zona da Mata, 310 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, made official, on Monday (28), with the publication of Resolution 21 of the Special Committee COVID-19, to migrate from the green wave to the yellow wave of the Program Conscious Mines. The decision takes into account the orientation of the state government to make the same movement with the micro-region led by the city, in which 10 other municipalities are located, due to the increase in the number of cases and the bed occupancy rate.

On a napkin, mantm-se forbidden the following activities: artistic, such as theatrical, musical and dance and circus production; cinemas, libraries, museums, archives; congresses, exhibitions, concerts, filming parties, party houses, buffets; amusement parks, discos, nightclubs, bowling, snookers; bars with entertainment, public and private events of any nature, in closed or open places, with audiences of more than 60 (sixty) people, the application of the “rotation system” is prohibited, curricular school activities (except in the Distance Education modality) and pool, billiard and similar houses.

It is authorized, with horrio book, the operation of petshops and veterinary medicine establishments; key chains, supermarkets, horticulture, grocery stores, aougues, mechanic workshops, taxi services and the like, bakeries, pharmacies, gas stations, funeral homes, hospital canteens, private security and surveillance services, legal activities, gas and drinking water distributor, laboratories clinics and health facilities, support services, diagnostics and therapy, establishments for the sale of medical and hospital supplies, medical and veterinary clinics, sports and recreation and leisure activities, social clubs and fitness activities.

In commercial hour, they can open the car wash, the retail trade, the aesthetic clinics, beauty sales, barber shops and the like, travel agencies, tour operators and opticians.
J at s 23h, Driver Training Centers, extracurricular teaching activities, restaurants, cafeterias, tea and juice shops, bars and the like, are allowed without entertainment. However, a distance of at least 1.5 meters must be ensured between people, in the rows. Only customers with a mask can enter the establishments and a minimum distance of two meters from the tables must be ensured.
Another specific rule for bars and restaurants, the prohibition of the entrance of couriers, the placing of tables outdoors, as well as service in the form of buffets. Establishments with a public capacity equal to or greater than 10 customers must check the temperature of consumers and employees, before entering, and offer alcohol gel to all.
The functioning of sport activities and for recreation and leisure, social clubs and physical conditioning is authorized as long as the establishment allows access for a maximum of one customer for every 10 square meters of free public circulation area. Companies must also organize groups of users for each schedule, by prior appointment.
Professionals should be made available to sanitize the equipment after each use, as well as a minimum distance of two meters between the users of the equipment must be guaranteed, being three meters in the case of aerobic exercise equipment. At the end of the day, it is necessary to record the health status of all active professionals, with anamnesis and clinical examination. The use of changing rooms for bathing and changing clothes is not allowed.

As free fairs they happen exclusively on Sundays and Wednesdays, respecting the special opening hours from 6 am to 12 pm, on Avenida Alfredo Pedro Carneiro, in an area marked by the city hall, respecting the distance of eight meters between the tents. The sale of food and beverages for consumption on site and the use of tables and chairs are prohibited.

Report card

This Monday (28), the city’s epidemiological bulletin reported two more deaths caused by the new coronavirus. A 71-year-old man, resident of the city, with heart problems and hypothyroidism, and a 67-year-old woman who went to Muria to treat herself with a bone disease.
36 new cases of the disease were confirmed, in a total of 3,266 recorded occurrences since the beginning of the pandemic, with 2,991 confirmations from residents of Muria and 275 from people living in the surrounding cities. As of Monday (28), 124 people have died in the city, victims of COVID-19.


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