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General number of hospitalized patients increased by 6.53% in 24 hours and the greatest growth was in confirmed and hospitalized patients in public health care ICUs

Amazonas recorded a 6.53% increase in the number of confirmed or suspected hospitalized patients of Covid-19. What differs from the last few days is that the biggest increase was in the public network.

Yesterday, 159 patients were admitted to the private network and 193 to the public network, totaling 352 hospitalized patients. Today, 163 are hospitalized in private hospitals and 212 in public health units, totaling 375. The growth in the private network was 2.52%, while in the public network it was 9.84%.

Dividing patients between clinical beds and ICUs, the main growth was precisely in the ICUs of hospitals in the State Government. Yesterday, there were 57 hospitalized patients – 51 confirmed and 6 suspected – in public intensive care units. Today, that number jumped to 66, with 60 confirmed and the same six suspects – an increase of 15.79%. Computing only the confirmed cases in public ICUs, the increase is even greater: 17.41%.

Among patients with clinical beds in the public network, between confirmed and suspected, the increase was 6.92% – from 130 to 139. The numbers of patients in the so-called ‘red rooms’, where initial care is performed, remain in 3.

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Among the private units, the greatest growth was in patients in clinical beds: there were 101 this Wednesday and 104 today, an increase of 2.97%. In ICUs, between confirmed and suspected, the increase is 1.72%, from 58 to 59.

According to a bulletin from the State Government of the 24th, the occupancy rate of ICUs destined for Covid-19 in Amazonas is 72.02% (74.70% occupancy in the public network and 69.41% in the private network) , while that of clinical beds is 53.33% (44.86% in the public network and 72.22% in the private network).


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