Covid-19: restoration wants “butler” to oversee security rules


The National Association of Restaurants PRO.VAR this Sunday asked the Government to create the figure of “butler” in the Adaptar 2.0 program to help maintain the security rules against the covid-19 in the sector.

What we are asking the Government to do is to include in Adaptar 2.0 a budget to complement the salary to create a dedicated manager in restaurants, a “butler”, someone who can ensure that the procedures are being followed ”, Daniel Serra, president of PRO.VAR, said in a telephone interview with Lusa, adding that the association advocates that this “item” be included in a new version of the ‘Clean and Safe’ seal.

The Adapt 2.0 program will provide another 50 million euros to assist and encourage micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the secondary and tertiary sectors to update and remodel their establishments and production units, modernizing and adapting them in the current context of covid-19.

We don’t want you to pay the righteous for the sinner, some restaurants ignore the rules and others strictly adhere to them ”, said Daniel Serra.

According to the official, shortly after Graça Freitas said recently that there were outbreaks in restaurants in Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde, “hundreds of restaurants in this region” were harmed.

In order to “prevent and not cure”, the national association of restaurants defends that it is necessary to “harden now, with more vigilance and inspection to win the future”.

It would be important for the Government to allow El Salvador to be eligible for Adaptar, which will soon be made available, for a salary supplement, which could be 1/3 of the gross salary amount and which lasts at least six months, a period that greater pandemic peak is expected. I think that no country has adopted this measure, it is an idea of ​​PRO.VAR already presented to the Government and that we hope will be accepted ”, reveals Daniel Serra.

The association also calls on the Government to “reinforce inspection, whether by ASAE, PSP, GNR or Municipal Police.

The sector does not want to take the risk of reducing schedules again, much less closing. What we want is to ensure that the rules are met ”, concluded.


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