Covid: memorial with 4,000 victims’ names opens at the Penitence Cemetery


Rio – The Memorial was launched this morning in honor of the victims of Covid-19, at the Penitência Cemetery, in the Port Zone. The In-Finite sculpture, about 40 meters long, has four thousand engraved names of people who died as a result of the virus and were buried or cremated there. The three-ton piece of oxidized steel is wave-shaped and modular, allowing continuity in this or other cemeteries.

The architect responsible for the project, Crisa Santos, explains that the project, started in June, is available, as a donation, to be copied in other cemeteries.

– The idea is to welcome families and relatives who stayed and often did not have the chance to say goodbye.

Crisa Santos, architect who created the Memorial In Finito Photo: FABIANO ROCHA / Agência O Globo

Businesswoman Giselle Marie Matuk Diniz managed to say goodbye to her father, one of the honorees, Geraldo Diniz, for just one glass.

– He was hospitalized for 13 days. I have a friend at the hospital who passed me the updates, but I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t say goodbye with a hug. We had a quick ceremony and the casket had a piece of glass, just so you can see my father for the last time.

Giselle Diniz lost her father to the disease Photo: FABIANO ROCHA / Agência O Globo
Giselle Diniz lost her father to the disease Photo: FABIANO ROCHA / Agência O Globo

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Housewife Juliane Firmino Souza lost her husband, Carlos Lauriano, five months ago. For her, the tribute is interesting but does not calm the feeling of loss: – Nothing brings it back.

The superintendent of the Crematorium and Cemetery of Penitence, Alberto Brenner Júnior explains that, as a security measure, the funerals have been short, only with the family.

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– Patients enter hospitalization and, when they die, go straight to cremation, it is as if they disappeared. This is very painful for families. So we made an open tent and there is a coffin with a glass window for this farewell.

According to the bulletin released today by the State, Rio records 17,677 deaths and 251,909 confirmed cases of coranavirus. There are still 409 deaths under investigation and 354 have been discarded. Among the confirmed cases, 228,996 patients recovered from the disease. Of the total number of victims, Rio is where there are more victims: 10,495 deaths and 98,162 cases.


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