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Application developers like Fortnite, Spotify and Tinder have created an alliance to pressure Apple against the “tax” levied on its app store.

Named “Coalition for App Fairness”, the group advocates the creation of a code of conduct to be adopted by app stores.

Both Apple and Google charge a percentage for transactions made in the iPhone and Android app stores. Usually, the rate is 30%.

However, the percentage is also charged on in-app purchases – be it for items in a game or the subscription to a plan, for example.

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According to the rules of the App Store, digital content can only be purchased through the Apple system.

The creators of the applications do not agree with the charge, and for some months have been pressing for the practice to be left aside. Fortnite created a way to “circumvent” the fee and was suspended from the App Store.

Although the coalition seeks rights on all platforms, the site makes direct mention of Apple – the main page says that the “taxes” charged by the company hamper innovation.

The developers claim that some companies have special conditions and that there is unfair competition – the creators of Spotify say, for example, that competition with Apple Music, the competing service of the iPhone maker, is unfair.

Some members of the new coalition have already initiated lawsuits against Apple, others have publicly opposed company policies.

So far, the clash has been going on separately – the group expects the union to increase the pressure and more developers to join them.

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The coalition says it will receive “companies of any size, from any industry that are committed to protecting the consumer’s right to choose.”

Orders sent to app stores include:

  • That developers are not forced to pay “unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory fees or revenue shares”;
  • Equal access to technical information from the platform owner;
  • Freedom to offer the app in more than one app store.

In total, there are 10 principles described on the coalition’s website, which so far consists of 13 companies.

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