Cristina Ferreira accuses the criticisms and reacts to the controversy surrounding the scenario of ‘Dia da Cristina’ – National


He promised heaven but did not reach Olympus. The first ‘Dia de Cristina’ won the hearings in the morning, in direct confrontation with ‘Casa Feliz’, but in the afternoon it lost to Júlia Pinheiro. This Tuesday the program of the director and shareholder of TVI is back, whose scenario, which forced to postpone the debut of the format, did not please everyone. On the contrary. And given the criticism that followed on social networks, which claimed that the scenario was for a different time than the one on which ‘Cristina’s Day’ is broadcast, Cristina Ferreira was unable to swallow the criticism in silence. “That’s how I saw the scenario for the first time. I haven’t changed a line to Rui Francisco’s drawing. It is everything we imagine. Because television has no schedules. It has people to do. In the morning, afternoon and evening. They all deserve the best. Some said that it looked more like Eurovision. So wait for the next one. It’s this week, “wrote Cristina, praising the work of the set designer.

Cristina Ferreira’s festive look at the premiere of the new program


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