Crowded and Carioca Beaches Ignore Covid-19 Prevention Rules


Alexandre Cassiano / O Globo Agency

Crowding in Ipanema: Cariocas once again ignored the pandemic and filled the city’s beaches

After a partially cloudy Saturday, which contributed to the movement in the sands of Rio getting smaller, Cariocas came back to gather on the beaches
of the city on this sunny Sunday (27), with maximum expected temperature of 37.5 degrees, according to the Rio Alert, from the city hall.

In Ipanema, there was no distance between umbrellas, and on the boardwalk, the report found no type of inspection

By city ​​hall rules
, only the practice of individual sports activities and sea bathing are allowed. The permanence in the sand, with chairs, sarongs or umbrellas, remains closed, but despite the ban
, bathers filled the sands of Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon this Sunday morning, the first of spring.

In Leme, some groups played freshball matches, while in Ipanema and Leblon – where thousands of umbrellas were glued to each other – bathers played footvolley, even though team sports were only allowed from Monday to Friday. In some parts of the shore, the tents were even some distance away, but most bathers I didn’t wear a mask

On the 18th, the acting governor Cláudio Castro extended until October 6th some restrictive measures
to prevent and confront Covid-19 in Rio. In addition to the ban on events with a public presence, the permanence on the beach and league sands remains suspended.

also it is forbidden
, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the parking of private vehicles across the border of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Only car owners who live in the region can park. According to the city, by the end of the morning 186 vehicles had been removed from Leme ao Pontal.

This Sunday, the State of Rio registered an increase
in the moving average of deaths by Covid-19
for the tenth day in a row. Altogether, there are 18,278 victims and 261,860 infected by Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in March.

‘Critical zone’ in the capital: increase in hospitalizations

In the midst of this scenario, Fiocruz researchers concluded, in the last biweekly update of the Covid Observatory-19
– which gathers data between the 6th and 19th of this month -, that the city of Rio is in a! Critical zone “in relation to the beds for patients with coronavirus.

The study points out that there are signs of overload in hospitals
municipality, and that, between the days analyzed, there was 86% occupancy in ICU vacancies for adults. There was also a decrease in the supply of beds per 10,000 inhabitants. The survey was released on Friday.


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