Cruzeiro crisis makes the Ponte Preta striker lament: ‘Unfortunately, we are not in a good moment’


With doubt that reaches R $ 1 billion and in the lowering zone of Srie B of the Brazilian Championship, the moment of cruise so critical that even rivals lament such decadence.

The striker Bruno Rodrigues, author of the winning goal for the Ponte sobre o Confiana (2-1), on Sunday, at the Moiss Lucarelli stadium, in Campinas, said that Cruzeiro, theoretically, was a team to climb, but that, “unfortunately, does not live well time”.

Despite the celestial crisis, Bruno insisted on extolling Cruzeiro.

“I think it will be a difficult game. I think these teams that are in the relegation zone are complicated. And Cruzeiro, which, theoretically, was a team to climb, unfortunately, is not experiencing a good time, but Cruzeiro is an excellent team, we will respect, but we will seek the result, we will seek the three points and make a good game “, he stressed.

Bruno is 23 years old and born in Cear-Mirim, in Rio Grande do Norte. In 24 games this season, he scored six goals.

A black Bridge is in third position in Series B, with 21 points. The Campinas club will face Cruzeiro this Wednesday, at 19h15, in Mineiro, for the 12th round of the tournament. Raposa occupies the 17th position, with 8 points.


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