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Maurício Vieira / Today

Removing “the weight of the environment” due to the bad phase of the team in Series B of the Brazilian Championship has been the strategy of Cruzeiro’s board, now, mainly, because of the two games of Raposa at home, against Avaí and Ponte Preta. So much so that the celestial leaders “sewed a truce” with members of fans organized in a meeting at the beginning of the week, in Barro Preto.

According to the Nowadays, President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues received members of the Blue Council on Monday at the administrative headquarters of Cruzeiro, a group composed of six organized groups (China Azul, Cachazeiros, Torcida Jovem, Mafia Blue, General Celeste and TFC). At the meeting with the cheerleaders there was an agreement that this week there will be tranquility behind the scenes for the important games in Mineirão.

The agreement for the week before the games against Avaí and Ponte Preta to be as peaceful as possible was confirmed on Tuesday morning, when all the fans that make up the Blue Council did not attend the protest at the door of Toca II.

THE HD received information that are not ruled out protests called by the organized themselves. But, everything will depend on the performance of Cruzeiro in the commitments against Santa Catarina and São Paulo. The “accord” signed in favor of the truce will only be maintained in the event of a winning streak from now on in Series B, revealed a source heard by the report.

Regarding the meeting with the organized cheerleaders, Cruzeiro positioned itself showing its option for “maintaining dialogue”, but respecting the fans’ right to protest.

“Cruzeiro respects the protests of the fans, but understands that dialogue is always the best way for Club and fans to go together. Management agrees that the result on the field, at the moment, is below expectations. On the other hand, there is confidence that the team will recover in the table and fight for the main objective of the season, which is the return to Serie A, recognizing that the fans will have a fundamental role in this process “, says the official position of the club note sent to Nowadays.

Protest in Burrow II

The demonstration this Tuesday morning was called by the “Born Palestra Forjados Cruzeiro 1921”, group that led all the demonstrations for the resignation of ex-president Wagner Pires de Sá, last year, and maintains activism on social networks. Only the Independent Pavilion – which is not a member of the Blue Council – sent representatives to the protest, which had targets targeted beyond the players.

In front of the main gate of the training center, the fans started the demonstration with direct charges from President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues, soccer director Ricardo Drubscky and technical director Deivid.

With slogans and requests for the players to “put their faces on” for a conversation with the fans, those present at the demonstration demanded an immediate reaction in the Brazilian Championship, as Cruzeiro is in 15th place and has just eight points.

“Popcorn team, you have to have race to play on my Cruzeiro (…) Race! Breed! Race! ”They shouted.

Fans also cited the programs broadcast live by President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues and used a critical tone to talk about lives. “Mongolian team, live is oc *****, I want to see it is football”, they scoffed.

Another song that had already been sung was also sung, talking about the club’s request for money in official messages to the fans. “Ôh, ôh, ôh, ôh, ask for money, but do not listen to the fans”, they complained.

Meeting with fans

This is the second meeting of the president of Cruzeiro with members of fans organized in September. The first, which was officially released by the organizers, took place on the 5th at Toca da Raposa.

The event was attended by Sergio Santos Rodrigues, football director Ricardo Drubscky, technical director Deivid and administrative supervisor Benecy Queiroz.

As for the second meeting, this Monday, no details were released, neither a photo nor an official note. The fact that the meeting was kept as confidential as possible was an attempt by the parties.


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