Curitiba discloses 14 new deaths and 331 more infected with coronavirus


Curitiba released this Tuesday (29) the record of 14 new deaths caused by covid-19 and 331 more infections by new coronavirus among its residents. The new data on the pandemic increases the total number of deaths to 1,280 and to 43,826 the sum of confirmed cases, computed since March this year.

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According to the new municipal epidemiological bulletin, Curitiba currently has 3,770 patients in the active phase and transmission of covid-19. But 38,776 people who tested positive are now recovered. In the city, more than 600 suspicions of the disease are monitored by medical teams while they wait for the definition of the diagnosis and the results of the tests, which can confirm the infection.

14 more victims of covid-19

The new fatal victims of the disease, who lived in Curitiba, are eight women and six men, who were between 55 and 85 years old. Among them, six died in the last 48 hours and the other eight deaths, according to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), occurred between 23 and 27 September.

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Occupation in hospitals

In hospitals in Curitiba that are part of the Unified Health System (SUS), the occupancy rate in the 334 beds of the intensive care unit (ICU) exclusive for covid-19 is 78% this Tuesday. But there are still, according to the capital’s city hall, 73 free SUS ICU beds, which can receive patients with coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Coronavirus not Brazil


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