Danske Bank customer sent money to the world’s most sought after launderers


Customers in Danske Bank’s scandal-ridden branch in Estonia exchanged large and suspicious amounts of organized criminals for years. It shows an extensive leak of secret data.

(Berlingske): Altaf Khanani was ready for one of the most important meetings of his life. The freshly ironed shirt signaled a successful businessman.

This September day in 2015 was a special day. At the airport in Panama, a customer was waiting who could gild the 54-year-old Pakistani forever.

He did not know much about the customer, but he was used to it.

Khanani’s business empire had two sides: On the surface, he ran a successful company that made money transfers for law-abiding citizens. He secretly was a professional money launderer for the world’s biggest criminals.

The business partner who was waiting for him in Panama belonged to the latter category.

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