Deborah Secco shows her daughter Maria Flor’s plastered arm: ‘It hurts us’


Collaboration for UOL, in São Paulo

28/09/2020 11h21Updated on 28/09/2020 11h29

Deborah Secco went through tense moments after her daughter Maria Flor had an accident, needing to immobilize her arm.

The actress shared a photo of the girl posing smiling, already wearing a cast, highlighting her “tight heart” in the face of the situation, saying that she was reassured by the 4-year-old girl.

“‘Calm down, mommy! It doesn’t even hurt anymore.’ Meeeee God, my heart is too tight with Maria Flor’s ‘look of the day’. A silly fall and a cast to call her. Whoever is a mother knows how much it hurts in people, “said Deborah, who was comforted by famous friends.

“Aimmmmm Deborah that pain! It really hurts IN PEOPLE. I want to change places, right,” wrote actress Isis Valverde, agreeing with her colleague’s post.

“Oh, what anguish! Better for Maria,” wished Cleo.

“Ahhh, but it’s very charming … my dream has always been to have one of these!”, Recalled Carolina Dieckmann, good-natured.


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