Deborah Secco’s daughter suffers fall and scares the actress: ‘I almost died’


Deborah Secco was startled by the fall of her daughter, Maria Flor. The 4-year-old girl was playing when she fell and caused an injury to her arm. The heiress, the result of her marriage to Hugo Moura, was taken to the doctor and had to mobilize the region with plaster to prevent her condition from worsening. This Monday (28), the actress reported what happened in a photo published on Instagram in which the eldest poses a pose showing the bandaged place. “Think of a tight, crushed, anguished, torn heart … And she swears it didn’t even hurt,” said the protagonist of the soap opera “Salve-se Quem Puder”.

Deborah Secco explains why plaster cast on her arm: ‘Silly fall’

Deborah Secco told on Instagram how her daughter, who has a taste for sport and physical exercises, suffered the domestic accident. “‘Calm down, Mom! It doesn’t even hurt anymore’. My God, my heart is too tight with Maria Flor’s ‘look of the day’. A silly fall and a plaster to call her own. Whoever is a mother knows how much it hurts in people “, vented the artist who still completed:” Silly fall. Playing. Oh, my heart “.

Deborah Secco points out concern about the fall: ‘I almost died’

When sharing the news of her daughter’s accident, Deborah Secco responded to the messages from Internet users and confessed to being very nervous about what happened. “It hurts the mother more than the children”, wrote a fan and the actress agreed: “Wow !!! I never read anything so real! (Laughs) I almost died of the heart. My God! A thousand times me than she. It will pass yes, but the scare … (laughs) “.

Deborah Secco makes video of her daughter at the gym after photo

Debora Secco showed that everything is fine with her daughter and reassured fans by sharing video on Instagram. In the image published in the stories, the girl appears playing in the gym while her mother finishes the day’s training. “Jeez she’s already training! Go, daughter!”, Cheered the actress, who will make a play for the heiress to debut in the theater.

Famous cheer for recovery of Debora Secco’s daughter

The image of the mini-feminist Maria Flor with her arm bandaged with plaster caught the attention of the famous. “But it is very charming. My dream has always been to have one of these!”, Explained Carolina Dieckmann when referring to the cast and Isis Valverde said: “Oh, Deborah, what a pain! It really hurts us. Willing to change places, huh?”. On social media, Debora Secco received the fans’ support for the girl’s quick recovery. “Oh my God! Get better for her!”, Wished Bruno Gagliasso and Marcelo Adnet praised: “How beautiful she is! Get better!”.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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