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Dyego Coelho will lead Corinthians for the fourth consecutive time this Wednesday, at 21:30 (Brasília time), against Atlético-GO, at Neo Química Arena, in a delayed game of the 1st round of the Brasileirão.

And what to expect from Corinthians de Coelho after another whole week of training? At an online press conference, the coach talked about his game ideas and admitted that the first focus is to stop scoring goals. In 11 rounds, Timão was leaked 17 times.

– Anyone who knows me knows that I like to play forwards, but we have to adapt to the characteristics of our players to make things work. We train the defensive part well, we are looking to organize things a little more, so that on the offensive part we can be more aggressive – he said.

– We have to use closer players with quality, there is Jô’s center, there is a situation of depth of some players that we don’t have much in the squad, a situation of possession of the ball, of area filling, a series of other situations that we need to make the team understand the characteristics of each player. We want this to work as quickly as possible, but it needs a little time.

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According to the coach, some of the behaviors seen in the 3-2 victory against Bahia, in Itaquera, on the 16th, can be repeated, such as the fast offensive transition. The fit of the team, however, depends on what the cast can offer.

– Of course, I always want to be aggressive, always press pressure, always give depth, compress the last line very well for when we go to pressure the opposing team, but the characteristics escape a little of that, we have to adapt our idea with what we have. They are great players and we need to understand them, this is the biggest challenge, we do this in training, especially when we have the ball, use each player in the best possible way for us to build our idea, our training and our game scheme – explained.

– At the base I like to be always more aggressive, and that can be, but in a different way, with a characteristic of players with more possession, with more quality, with more intelligence when they have the ball, not that game of all time attacking the bottom and giving depth, because we don’t have that characteristic. Prepare well defense, leave solid behind, to have a situation to use at the front in the characteristics of our players – prioritized.

Dyego Coelho at a press conference at CT Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

With Timão in 15th position with 12 points, just one above the relegation zone, Coelho knows he needs victories to continue commanding the team. In the last interview he gave, two weeks ago, Andrés Sanchez treated Coelho as an interim technician and said he looked at the market.

– The sequence as a coach goes through the result, there’s no way. I work for this, I have great support from the board and the entire CT. It’s winning the game, not only for my stay, but for the club, for the players who work hard – he said.

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Indirect to Tiago Nunes about “owning the CT”

– I just gave an answer of what I think. I’m starting my career now as a coach. I am not a coach like many who won everything, I am starting now. I had lessons with these coaches here in Brazil and outside of worrying only about the field, I cannot worry about other things. The answer is not for anyone, the rules are for the club (click and read what Coelho said).

Leadership style in CT

– Delegating the functions was a situation I put in this chat, I have to trust the people who are on my side, there are already a lot of problems in the field to solve. They misinterpreted me, it was not my intention. So I take the day to day and our environment here, we need to be light to play the best football possible.

Éderson off the bench against Sport

– It was an option, the situation of midfielders and midfielders is intense, there is a lot of fighting in training. I told the player, I like to say why, he has every right to say what he is feeling, I think it’s cool. Most of the times when we evolve it is because we are free to talk to a coach, I experienced that, there are options, the fight is intense.

Six foreigners in the cast

– It is another difficult situation, we have great players, we have to look at the game, the exchanges and make our choice. You will have to stay out, we are working to make the least mistake possible.

Defensive changes after Tiago Nunes

– These are adjustments we are making, putting a little bit of what we have been doing with the players. We are also keeping some good things, let it be clear. It is important to say that the entire club, the entire TC, is willing to improve in all sectors.

Change of beliefs for fear of losing office

– As a young man, I always say that: the opportunity is here, I have to take advantage and do the ideas in my head. Letting go of convictions I’m not a big fan. Making them work with the beliefs we have, being able to put them into practice, is very important. But players need to buy the idea. Then you feel confident to do everything.

Can you use Luan, Otero, Cazares and Jô?

– I have this way of thinking because I played in a team where the attack was formed by Carlos Alberto, Roger, Tevez and Nilmar, and they played together. And we ran to them back there, carried the piano, and they could handle it. I felt it on my skin. It’s a situation that we have to think about, leaving the best players close to each other, that’s our idea. Yield is what scales. And when the ball arrives, they need to solve our problem in submissions and offensive actions.

Goals in the Brasileirão

– Our championship now is to always think about our team, our game (…) Corinthians fights to win the next game, that’s our job. It is to train, work and make the fans understand this.

– It is a very organized team, we have to study the opponent well, we will respect them, but we are at home and we need to be aggressive at all times. A team that is really scoring and that has a good organization, very good transition


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