DF close to the level of 190 thousand cases of infected with coronavirus


posted on 09/27/2020 23:28

(credit: Marcelo Ferreira / CB DA Press)

A disease that has already registered 3,188 victims (1.7% of the total registered cases), the covid-19 has already reached 189,513 people in the Federal District, according to a bulletin from the Department of Health that marked an increase of 905 new cases in 24 hours, in total accounting.

In the same report, five more deaths were confirmed, in the chain of cases that covers the period between August 9 and September 25. The age group most affected (in terms of diagnosis of the disease) comprises people aged between 20 and 29. As for deaths, the record points to more men (58.7%) as victims.

Even though the disease had 94.3% of recovered patients, the moment is still of caution. Among the administrative regions most affected by cases are, in order, Ceilândia, Taguatinga, Plano Piloto and Samambaia. In all of them, the number of cases is greater than 12,200 incidences (in each of those mentioned).


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