Diana did not identify with colleagues from “Big Brother”: “they are people with a very different mentality, people of the night” – Big Brother


Diana was the second contestant expelled by the Portuguese votes at the gala this Sunday, September 27. The former contestant of “Big Brother – The Revolution” was talking to journalists and revealed that, despite having been in the house for only two weeks, she sent the message that different people can also join the game.

“We were very different people from each other, so I didn’t know how viewers were going to be aware of this ‘Big Brother'”, begins by saying the competitor of Figueira da Foz. “I don’t think anything failed on my part”.

Despite being a very talkative person and who likes to say jokes, the former competitor said that she ends up being more reserved and that she did not join the groups that formed in the house, because “they are people with a very different mentality, people of the night who immediately empathized with each other”. Diana added that in Ericeira’s house, many residents slept little, even diving into the pool during the night, while she preferred to sleep.

“A lot happened during the night, when I was sleeping,” he said. “Suddenly, I woke up and André Filipe was no longer at the house”, he exemplified, referring that sleep was a very important factor for the actions of some residents of the “Big Brother” house, increasing the pressure in the game.

André Filipe was one of the people that Diana helped the most. “And he also always respected me inside the house, I have no complaints”, said the former competitor regarding the expulsion of the young man from Barreiro. “But there was a time when it became more complicated to deal with André Filipe, I thought he was going to recover and I always tried to calm him down, however it got to the point where my help was no longer enough”, he revealed.

“So far no one has come out who really matters in terms of the group,” added Diana. “The main group is formed and if Rui had left, there would be a lot more crying inside the house”, he explained.

The relationship with the husband and plans for the future

The ex-competitor could not imagine the stress that her husband, Lucidio, was going through. “He experienced this even more intensely than I did,” he said. “He stayed alone at home and I had to respect the decision, of course I always had a concern, but if something happened, I would be immediately informed by the production.”

Despite the concern, “it was important for him to realize that he could spend some time at home, without me being there. I don’t like the situation very much, but everything went well”, adding that Lucídio was in charge of taking care of the cats that the couple adopted.

“There was never that urge to get pregnant”

Asked if she is thinking of being a mother, the former competitor of Figueira da Foz immediately ruled out that possibility. “There was never that desire to get pregnant and I want to make it clear that people may think that it is due to Lu’s physical condition, but it is not”he explained. “There is a possibility of getting pregnant and having a 100% healthy baby, without muscular dystrophy, we do not have this need and I end up passing the maternal side to cats”, he stressed, clarifying that he feels the pressure of society to get pregnant.

At the beginning of the relationship with Lucídio, Diana’s family did not approve the former competitor’s decision. “Looking back, I can see to some extent, because parents idealize the future for their children. That was not an easy time, they were concerned about my financial future “, revealed.

“I am an extremely loved and understood person. And also a feminist, especially because Lu washes the dishes at home, he does his part,” said Diana, adding that the relationship between the family and the partner grew after the wedding.

In the future, she wants to dedicate herself to doing something creative, such as writing a Portuguese series in which she can highlight people who are different in society, as she herself felt inside the house of “Big Brother – The Revolution”.


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