Diana, expelled from “Big Brother”, in an interview: “I feel pressure to get pregnant”


Photos: Instagram Big Brother

The competitor left this Sunday night of “Big Brother” and admits that she sees herself more in the previous edition. About the relationship with her husband, she reveals the pressure to get pregnant.

Diana abandoned the “Big Brother” at the last Gala, chosen by the viewers, who preferred Rui Pedro to stay at Ericeira’s mansion. The now ex-competitor claims that she has not fully identified with the other participants and that “she was waiting for a“ BB2020 ”.

“I really enjoyed this edition. Sometimes, at the house, they would come to me, say that they liked me, that it was fantastic, but they always named the fantastic ”, quips Diana, in an interview with N-TV, this Monday morning.

The expelled woman believes that she is “in a different phase of life”. “The participants are young people, who like to party, at night, created empathy and I felt put aside because I was not awake until seven in the morning”.

About the expulsion of André Filipe, who had a psychotic attack, Diana guarantees that she tried to help. “It was the people I helped the most and he respected me. At the end of the first week it became more complicated to deal with him. I realized that my help was not enough and that he needed psychological help ”.

Luís and Bruno also left and the young woman attributes the “curse” of dropouts to “lack of sleep”. “This aspect was important. They went to bed at seven in the morning and woke up right after. ”

About the controversy he caused at the house – at the request of the production he invented a lie and publicized a false relationship with TVI journalist Pedro Pinto – he wants to see the matter fixed. “I had no idea. I apologized. I don’t want to talk about it any more ”.

Finally, the ex-competitor was reunited with her husband, Lucidio. “He was very stressed out there and lived everything in an intense way. He even watered. In that sense, I was relieved to have left ”.

Asked if she doesn’t think about getting pregnant, Diana guarantees that the cats that the couple has will arrive. And that there is no question of the muscular dystrophy of “Luke”, as he is affectionately nicknamed, who is in a wheelchair. “I never wanted to get pregnant. It has nothing to do with his dystrophy. I can have a baby without dystrophy, the State helps ”, he says.

“But I feel the pressure of society to get pregnant, as if a woman had to do it at a certain point in her life”, she concludes, saying goodbye.


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